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Disabled children: a legal handbook

This Book is now out of print the new edition is publishing in December 2015

Authors: Steve Broach, Luke Clements and Janet Read

Edition: First edition (October) 2010

Page: 528

ISBN: Pb 978 1 903307 76 2


Disabled children: a legal handbook is an authoritative, yet accessible, guide to the legal rights of disabled children and their families in England and Wales. The authors expertly navigate the many, often overlapping, sources of law, explaining the differences between what public bodies must do to support disabled children and that which they may do.

'The book appeals because it looks at its subject matter holistically, considering not only the legal framework relating to disabled children, but the broader social context drawing on real life expertise of disabled children and their families and research that highlights the common problems they experience. As a result, the book has focus, concentrating not on abstract considerations, but on relevant and essential information on how the law can assist disabled children and their families.'  Law Society Gazette

Disabled children and their families have the same human rights as others, including the right to live 'ordinary lives'. The law in relation to disabled children is complex and frequently misunderstood by those who have duties and responsibilities towards them. Many families also lack essential information about legal matters which substantially affect their lives and about the ways the law might be used to assist them.

This handbook clearly sets out the law in key areas, in particular children's social care services, education and health care. It includes a summary of the key provisions of the Equality Act 2010, which are newly in force.

Contents include:

- Legal entitlements
- Understanding disabled children's lives
- Legal fundamentals
- Children's services
- Education
- Health
- Welfare benefits
- Housing
- Carers
- Equality and discrimination
- Transition to adulthood
- Appendices: extracts from legislation, guidance and international conventions

Disabled children: a legal handbook aims to empower disabled children and their families through a greater understanding of their rights and entitlements. It is essential reading for the families of disabled children, their advocates and lawyers, voluntary and statutory sector advisers, commissioners, managers and lawyers working for public authorities, education, social and health care professionals, students and academics.

Online version

The publication is available online for free on the Council for Disabled Children's website.