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Employment Tribunal Procedure: a user's guide to tribunals and appeals

Employment Tribunal Procedure cover image

Authors Jeremy McMullen, Rebecca Tuck and Betsan Criddle

Isbn: Pb 978 1 903307 29 8

Edition: 3rd

Page extent: 758

This book is essential reading for lawyers, advisers, trade union representatives, employers, HR specialists and employees.

This book is now out of stock a new eidtion is forthcoming Jeremy McMullen, Coming 2015, £45

Pb 978 1 903307 54 0

Customers can pre-order these titles by e-mailing: or phoning: 01235 465577

Jeremy McMullen, Coming 2015, £45

Pb 978 1 903307 54 0

Customers can pre-order these titles by e-mailing: or phoning: 01235 465577

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Reviews from the second edition:

'A command of tribunal procedure is essential for practitioners, but many find the subject daunting. This book is the answer ... it is truly indispensable for all advisers.' Discrimination Law Association

'This extremely practical handbook is a must for any adviser.' Citizens Advice

Now in its third edition, Employment Tribunal Procedure has established itself as an essential guide to ensuring that claimants enter the tribunal process aware of the perils ahead. It clearly sets out the law which forms the jurisdiction and procedure of employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal and guides users through the preparation and presentation of cases and on to appeal.

This new edition is fully updated to include:

- Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) Regulations 2004
- Employment Appeal (Amendment) Regulations 2004
- Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution) Regulations 2004
- ACAS Arbitration Scheme (Great Britain) Order 2004
- Employment Appeal Tribunal Practice Direction 2004

The authoritative guidance is supplemented by a wealth of useful checklists, tables of time limits, official forms and relevant regulations.

Employment Tribunal Procedure enables working people to enforce their rights through the tribunal process but will be equally useful to employers and their advisers responding to claims. This book also aims to provide comprehensive guidelines on how to avoid tribunals altogether by implementing effective dispute resolution procedures in the workplace.


His Honour Judge Jeremy McMullen QC is a judge of the Employment Appeal Tribunal and Southwark Crown Court. He was formerly a part-time chairman of employment tribunals, member of the ACAS panel of equal pay experts, and chair of the ILO Joint Panel, the Industrial Law Society and the Employment Law Bar Association.

Rebecca Tuck and Betsan Criddle are barristers at Old Square Chambers, London and Bristol, specialising in employment and discrimination law.

Courses which recommend Employment Tribunal Procedure:

 TUC Access Cert in Employment Law - Colchester Institute - desirable purchase.


'Well indexed. Easy to follow what are complex procedures. Excellent resource for Union reps and advisers.' Mark Andrew, Colchester Institute.