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March 2013


Legal Action

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Employees seeking to enforce their employment rights face a new barrier to access to justice with the introduction of fees in employment tribunals (ETs) from July this year. LAG believes that this will further stack an already unfair system against them.

Delegates at last month’s ‘Free legal advice in crisis’ conference discussed their concerns about the advice sector cuts and welfare benefit reform, and were urged to share their ideas and experiences about how to campaign for future legal advice services.


The LSC has just issued guidance on the new legal aid rules.


Judicial review proposals: PLP's response

March, 2013 by Martha Spurrier and Will Russell

Martha Spurrier, a barrister at the Public Law Project (PLP), and Will Russell, a volunteer at PLP and Legal Practice Course student, summarise the project’s response to the government’s consultation paper, Judicial review: proposals for reform.


All solicitors’ firms are not equal. In the past, there has been a presumption that the difference between firms is as simple as the number of partners and the area of practice. New research jointly commissioned by the Legal Services Board (LSB), the Law Society, and the Ministry of Justice, A time of change: solicitors’ firms in England and Wales, highlights this diversity. Crispin Passmore, Strategy Director at the LSB, summarises the survey findings in relation to firms working with publicly funded cases. A second article dealing with the findings concerning consumers will be published in Legal Action in May.

Law and practice

Recent developments in education law

March, 2013 by Angela Jackman and Eleanor Wright

Angela Jackman and Eleanor Wright continue their series of articles considering changes and developments in the law relating to education. See also January 2013 Legal Action 26.

Law and practice

Implications of whistleblowing reforms

March, 2013 by Sally Robertson

Fighting or defending a whistleblowing claim will not be quite the same once the changes proposed by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill become law. Sally Robertson discusses the implications of the reforms in circumstances where a worker ‘makes a disclosure in the public interest’.