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September 2013


Legal Action

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Lobbying for justice

September, 2013 by LAG

Thursday 7 May 2015 might seem a long way off, but the run-up to the next general election has commenced. Provided it is sustained, the slight turnaround in the economy which is being reported currently will form a big part of the Conservative party’s and the Liberal Democrat party’s pitch to the electorate. They will argue that the austerity medicine has worked. Somewhere in the political tussles over economic policy, those of us who care about access to justice will have to create the opportunity to put the case that austerity policies have damaged our justice system and are jeopardising the rule of law.


The Joint Committee on Human Rights is conducting an inquiry into aspects of the proposed legal aid reforms, as set out in the coalition government’s consultation paper Transforming legal aid: delivering a more credible and efficient system, and their impact on access to justice.


The Law Commission, the body that looks at law reform, is seeking ideas for projects for its new work programme.


Low Commission consults on SWL strategy

September, 2013 by Steve Hynes

In this article Steve Hynes, LAG’s director, discusses the work of the Low Commission on the Future of Advice and Legal Support, of which he is a member, and asks readers to contribute to its consultation on a draft strategy for social welfare law (SWL) services.

Law and practice

Family and children's law review

September, 2013 by Nigel Humphreys and Chris Graves

Nigel Humphreys and Chris Graves keep readers up to date with legislation, practice matters and case-law relating to family and children’s law in their twice-yearly series.

Law and practice

Employment law update

September, 2013 by Philip Tsamados

This article by Philip Tsamados looks at new secondary legislation concerning employment tribunal (ET) and Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) fees, and concerning payment of interest on tribunal awards. It also examines a number of significant changes introduced by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act (ERRA) 2013, the new rules on procedure in ETs and the Practice Directions on the presentation of claims. Finally, it reviews recent case-law on discrimination and unfair dismissal.