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March 2014


Legal Action

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We need to talk about homelessness …

March, 2014 by Toby Vanhegan

Toby Vanhegan, Head of Legal Aid Group at Arden Chambers and one of the speakers at the LAG/Arden Chambers ‘Homelessness Conference’ next month, writes:


In what the Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling described as the ‘final decision on a modified model of competitive tendering for criminal legal aid contracts,’ the government released its response to the criminal legal aid consultation last month: Transforming legal aid – next steps:
government response.


New JR changes

March, 2014 by LAG

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s plans for a second major overhaul of the rules governing judicial review, which include further limitations to legal aid, were published last month: Judicial review – proposals for further reform: the government response.


YLAL social mobility report: 'One step forward, two steps back'

March, 2014 by Alice Cullingworth, Gayan Samarasinghe and Shiraz Jamma

Alice Cullingworth, a trainee solicitor and Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) committee member, and Gayan Samarasinghe and Shiraz Jamma, who are YLAL members, summarise the findings of the group's report on social mobility and diversity in the legal profession and describe the launch event's panel debate.


A new report, available with this issue of Legal Action, argues that digital communication can help to maintain access to justice in a time of austerity. In this article, Roger Smith, co-author of the report, introduces its main findings.

Law and practice

Family and children’s law review

March, 2014 by Nigel Humphreys and Chris Graves

Nigel Humphreys and Chris Graves keep readers up to date with legislation, practice matters and case-law relating to family and children’s law in their twice-yearly series.

Law and practice

Recent developments in social security law – Part 1

March, 2014 by Simon Osborne and Sally Robertson

Simon Osborne and Sally Robertson continue their six-monthly series. This article examines recent developments in case-law relating to overpayments, decisions and appeals (including tribunals), human rights and European Union law. Part 2 will be published in April 2014 Legal Action and will review case-law in means-tested and non-means-­tested benefits (including right to reside) as well as tax credits. In addition, relevant decisions of the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal will appear in summary form.