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October 2014


Legal Action

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A legal training fault-line?

October, 2014 by LAG

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) introduced the SRA Training Regulations 2014 – Qualification and Provider Regulations in July to replace the training contract with a requirement that, to qualify as a solicitor, an individual must complete a ‘period of recognised training’ with a firm, partnership or other body authorised by the SRA.


Val on the move

October, 2014 by LAG

Val Williams, editor of Legal Action, is leaving after 19 years at LAG.


Crime lawyers JR success

October, 2014 by LAG

A judicial review brought by criminal legal aid practitioners against the government’s plans to tender for police station and magistrates’ court work has been successful.


Caring as a human right?

October, 2014 by Luke Clements

Luke Clements, Cerebra Professor of Law and director of the Centre for Health and Social Care Law, University of Cardiff, gave the inaugural Pauline Thompson memorial lecture at the Law Society last month. Pauline, who died in January this year, was co-author with Luke of LAG's 'Community Care and the Law'. She was, until 2011, on the editorial board of LAG's 'Community Care Law Reports'. This is an abridged version of the lecture (full text below).


LAG’s ‘Chasing Status’ research, which has just been published, aims to tell the stories of people with irregular immigration status (see box below). Some will have lived and worked in the UK nearly all their lives, unaware of their lack of status or their risk of deportation to a country they last saw decades ago. Fiona Bawdon, the journalist behind the study, explains.

Law and practice

Family and children's law review

October, 2014 by Nigel Humphreys and Rachel Rogers

Nigel Humphreys and Rachel Rogers keep readers up to date with legislation, practice matters and case-law relating to family and children’s law in their twice-yearly series.

Law and practice

Community care law update

October, 2014 by Karen Ashton and Simon Garlick

Karen Ashton and Simon Garlick highlight the latest stage of the implementation of the Care Act (CA) 2014 and other legislation, and various Department of Health (DoH) policy initiatives. This update concentrates on a number of interesting developments in case-law, particularly in relation to the functions of NHS bodies.


Review: The Children Act by Ian McEwan

October, 2014 by Carol Storer

Reviewed by Carol Storer, director, Legal Aid Practitioners Group