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February 2016


Legal Action

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Renters suffer more legal problems than home owners. With numbers on the rise, it's time services were tailored to their needs.


A legal adviser to the country's most senior judges says legal expenses insurance will fill the gap left by cuts in public funding and has declared that the 'age of legal aid has passed'.


The Justice Alliance held a heartening rally at Conway Hall on 6 January. Tremendous passion was on display from advocates for legal aid and access to justice.

Opinion and analysis

Raj Chada column

February, 2016 by Raj Chada

If you were creating a criminal justice system from scratch, would it look like the one we have in the UK?

Opinion and analysis

In praise of: Tom Sargant

February, 2016 by Jon Robins

Tom Sargant was the founding secretary of the campaigning organisation Justice and held that post from 1957 to 1982. He was not a lawyer and could be scathing of the profession and its 'exaggerated reverence for the system'.

Law and practice

Immigration case law: update

February, 2016 by Garden Court Chambers' immigration team

Garden Court Chambers’ immigration team reviews the most important UK, EU and Strasbourg cases.

Law and practice

Sentencing: masterclass

February, 2016 by Tony Edwards

Tony Edwards looks at case allocation for under-18s, common law principles of sentencing, including expectation and totality, plus the new sentencing guidelines that come into force this month.