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May 2016


Legal Action

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Lord Justice Briggs has set off alarm bells in the world of employment law with his comments on employment tribunals (ETs) in Civil courts structure review: interim report (December 2015) suggesting that they could be absorbed into the civil courts and lose their lay members (p119).


The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is seeking extra cash from the Treasury after lower-than- expected income from court fees and an increase in the detection and prosecution of sexual and violent offences. It also appears to have overestimated the savings that the court closure programme will realise.


After the successful challenge on qualifying for legal aid in cases of domestic violence (see April 2016 Legal Action 12), the Ministry of Justice has reviewed the relevant regulation.

Opinion and analysis

Raj Chada column

May, 2016 by Raj Chada

"The objective of drug policy is surely to discourage people from taking substances detrimental to their health. In that regard, it has failed dismally.”

Being a duty solicitor at court can be one of the most stressful things you do in your career; doing a long list in your local magistrates’ court, of duty clients, perhaps with one or two own clients thrown in.

Opinion and analysis

Breaking Bad is a TV show that, for some, is about as addictive (a friend of mine has watched all five seasons back to back three times) as the crystal meth that the main character, Walter White, manufactures.

Law and practice

Housing: co-operatives

May, 2016 by Riccardo Calzavara

Riccardo Calzavara argues that Southward Housing Co-operative Ltd v Walker and Hay, concerning a grant for an uncertain term, is bad law and should be ignored.

Gareth Mitchell examines an important case concerning overcharging for water and sewerage that affects thousands of social housing tenants.