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April 2017


Legal Action

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Bailiffs have been around for over a thousand years of legal history. While the official term to describe them is now ‘enforcement agent’, their role of enforcing court judgments by seizing possessions has remained much the same.


News April 2017

April, 2017 by LAG

Replace DoLS, Law Commission urges
Housing Possession Court Duty Schemes consultation closes
The Law Commission has been tasked with the impossible
Insights into legal aid practice can inspire new generations to join the profession and fight for those in need
Progress of Prisons and Courts Bill
LAA changes contract plans

Opinion and analysis

In these difficult times for public funding, the Community Law Partnership (CLP) stands out as a beacon of hope, showing that it is possible to deliver very high-quality advice while simultaneously doing battle with the bureaucracy involved with the provision of legal aid services.

The Age of Unreason is upon us. Brexit and the popularity of Trump and May are simply symptoms of a malaise that I struggle to understand yet fear greatly: Thatcherism on steroids. There is still a suggestion in some quarters that national politics does not touch our lives in any meaningful way. It is something that we read about and watch, a soap opera if you like, not an interactive relationship.

As the two-year countdown to Brexit began to run from 29 March, it is easy to see that the nature of the UK’s relationship with Europe and the wider world will continue to dominate public debate for some time to come. However, not all eyes will be on Brussels. As part of the process, we have been promised that the Queen’s Speech in May will include a Great Repeal Bill to provide the legislative groundwork to break the link between the UK and EU law. It is expected to provide a statutory basis for the eventual repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 and, most likely, a mechanism for the unknitting of domestic standards from any EU legacy.

Law and practice

Immigration Act 2016: overview

April, 2017 by Jawaid Luqmani

Jawaid Luqmani provides an overview of the Act, focusing mostly on provisions that have been introduced and are currently operative.

Law and practice

Social security: recent developments

April, 2017 by Simon Osborne

Simon Osborne reviews recent case law developments in both means-tested and non-meanstested benefits.